No. 9 Article 5/May 22, 2009

Scientific Advisory Panel Report on Pioneer's Optimum AcreMax Seed Mix Refuge (Refuge-in-a-Bag) Request Available On-Line

There have been many articles in the popular press about the outcome of discussions in February by a FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel concerning their charge to evaluate the potential risks for resistance development by using a seed mix refuge of Optimum AcreMax for corn rootworm protection. Contrary to the tone of some of the articles, very significant challenges remain to implementing this concept for managing corn rootworm resistance, especially at the lower range of seed mixture refuges. The full report (meeting minutes) is available on-line (Adobe PDF). The overall report is quite lengthy and not an easy read. Provided below are quotes from the summary of panel discussions and recommendations (pp. 6-8 of the report).

This report offered by the Scientific Advisory Panel is just that--advisory. The US Environmental Protection Agency will offer a full response later this year regarding this request for a new approach to resistance management for corn rootworms.--Mike Gray

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