No. 3 Article 10/April 10, 2009

One More Time: Looking for Cooperators for On-Farm Corn Nitrogen Rate Studies in 2009

For the past three years we have had a project funded by the Fertilizer Research and Education Council (FREC) to look at corn N rate responses in on-farm, replicated strip tests. This has gone very well, thanks to great cooperators. While the project was scheduled to run for only three years, we do have some remaining funds that I would like to use to have more trials in 2009. Because so many of the trials over the past three years have been in central Illinois, I would like most of the 2009 trials to be in northern Illinois (close to or north of I-80) and in southern Illinois, close to or south of I-70. It would be great to have 10 to 12 trials in each region, plus the several that are already underway in central Illinois.

As in the past, we would like trials both on corn following corn and on corn following soybean. Cooperating producers (and in some cases their fertilizer dealers) conduct these trials using a simple design, with 5 N rates--0, 50, 100, 150, and 200 lb N/acre--applied in three different reps, for a total of 15 strips. Strips can be any reasonable size, from 8 to 16 rows wide by 300 to 1,000 feet long, as long as accurate rates can be applied and accurate yield measurements made. Additional N, such as that in MAP or DAP or in starter, can be applied to the whole trial area as long as total N applied this way doesn't exceed 35 to 40 lb of N. Cooperators receive a payment for each trial completed.

Please contact me at 217-333-9658 or if you are interested in being involved in such a study in 2009. Those who have conducted trials in the program in previous years are most welcome to do so again.--Emerson Nafziger

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