No. 21 Article 1/August 15, 2008

Last Printed In-Season Issue of the Bulletin for 2008

Issue no. 21 of the Bulletin is the last in-season issue each year. Typically most critical crop and pest issues have run their courses by this time of year, so a break in the action with the Bulletin is reasonable as we turn our attention to wrapping up our own research efforts--late-season evaluations and data compilation, verification, and analysis. In fact, as I write this, I have taken a break from rating the close-to-the-last batch of roots from our second set of digs in our standard efficacy trials and a few local experiments. However, because this has been such an unusual crop-growing year, it is likely that we will issue "Alerts" for the Internet version of the Bulletin for the remainder of August. For budgetary reasons, we will not be able to issue any more printed copies of the Bulletin until the scheduled mailing of issue no. 22 on September 5, 2008. We encourage recipients of the printed version of the Bulletin to access our Web site for articles that are published between August 15 and September 5. As a reminder, subscribing to the Web-based version of the Bulletin (free of charge) places you in a database of subscribers who are notified by e-mail when new articles are published.--Kevin Steffey

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