University of Illinois

No. 9/May 22, 1998

Illinois Pesticide Applicator Training

All Illinois Pesticide Applicator Training sessions have ended for this season, but the schedule will resume late fall 1998. Pesticide testing is still available by appointment at the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA) facilities in Springfield and Des Plaines. No walk-ins will be accepted at these sites; therefore, preregistration is required.

For IDA in Springfield, the phone number is (217)785-2427.

For IDA in Des Plaines, the phone number is (847)294-4343.

To prepare for the pesticide examination, you may obtain study materials through University of Illinois Extension. The best way to study for an exam is first to read the training manual thoroughly. Then, if a workbook is available for the category, work through and answer all questions in the workbook that refer to the manual. To order study materials, call the University of Illinois Pesticide Applicator Training automated phone line at (800)644-2123.If you already know your ordering information, press option #3. To speak to someone directly, press option #5. Someone is typically available to take your calls from 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.

Remember, in Illinois a pesticide-use license is required of everyone applying even general-use pesticides in the course of employment. In other words, if you apply pesticides at work or get paid for applying pesticides, you MUST have a pesticide-use license, regardless of the type of chemical used (dry and liquid included). A person applying a general-use pesticide on his or her own property is exempt. However, a license is required of everyone purchasing and using restricted-use pesticides. Restricted-use pesticides will be identified as such on the labels. All other pesticides are classified as general use.

Rhonda J. Ferree, (, Extension Horticulture and Pesticide Safety Education, (217)244-4397.