University of Illinois

No. 9/May 22, 1998

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In This Issue

Illinois Pesticide Applicator Training
Soil Insecticide Use and Replant Decisions: What Do the Labels Say?
Black Cutworms: More Reports on Pinhole Feeding on Leaves
An Update on Soil Heat-Unit Accumulations and Corn Rootworm Egg Hatch
Status Report on European Corn Borers: First Report of Moths
Non-Insect Creatures in Corn
Bean Leaf Beetles Are Swarming into Soybean Fields
Insect Activity in Alfalfa
Corn Replanting and Herbicide Selection--A Reminder
Principles of Postemergence Herbicides
Postemergence Corn Herbicides:
Some Precautions to Consider
A Good Reference for Herbicide Information
Postemergence Herbicides
for Grass Control in Corn