University of Illinois

No. 6/May 1, 1998

More Multi-State Herbicide Efficacy Tables

As promised in the last issue of this Bulletin, this issue contains additional tables with information on multi-state herbicide efficacy, as compiled by Marshal McGlamery. The tables in this issue are efficacy ratings for corn herbicides on a variety of broadleaf species. Information for soybean herbicides will follow in subsequent issues of this Bulletin.

This week, observe that the note following Table 2 applies to the other weed tables as well.

Correction. There were several errors in some of the herbicide efficacy tables of the previous edition of this Bulletin. Table 3 (Efficacy of Corn Herbicides: Barnyardgrass) indicated that Iowa ranked Axiom for control of barnyardgrass; however, the rating of "9" belongs under the Illinois column. Additionally, Nebraska also rates Axiom on barnyardgrass ("9"), crabgrass ("9"), giant and yellow foxtail ("9"), fall panicum ("9"), and sandbur ("9").

Aaron Hager ( and Marshal McGlamery (mmcglame@ Department of Crop Sciences, (217)333-4424.