University of Illinois

No. 5/April 24, 1998

Tilt Gets 24(c) Special Local Need Label for Wheat

Tilt fungicide (Norvartis) has received a Section 24(c) special local need label for wheat in Illinois. This label allows the application of Tilt as late as Feekes growth stage 10.5 (full head emergence), rather than allowing applications only until flag-leaf emergence. This addition to the label is only for the current season.

This change was granted because the mild winter weather permitted better overwintering of wheat pathogens, like the Septoria diseases and leaf rust. Apply 4 oz/acre by ground or air. Do not apply within 40 days of harvest; do not graze or feed livestock the treated plant materials; do not cut the green crop for hay or bedding. After harvest, straw may be used for bedding.

H. Walker Kirby (, Extension Plant Pathology, (217)333-8414