University of Illinois

No. 4/April 17, 1998

Select Labeled for Use in Alfalfa

Select (clethodim) 2EC from Valent may now be applied to alfalfa (seedling or established) grown for seed, hay, silage, green chop, or direct grazing, to control certain annual grass species. Use rates range from 6 to 8 fluid ounces, and applications should include a crop-oil concentrate at one percent v/v. Do not apply Select within 15 days of grazing, feeding, or harvesting alfalfa for hay or forage, nor plant rotational crops until 30 days afterapplication. Select may be tank-mixed with 2,4-DB for control of certain broadleaf weeds, but this tank mix can result in crop injury. If Select is applied with 2,4-DB, the feeding, grazing, and harvesting restrictions increase to 60 days.

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