University of Illinois

No. 4/April 17, 1998

Axiom Receives Label

Axiom 68DF received a federal label April 8 for application in corn- (field, silage) and soybean-production systems. Axiom is a premix herbicide containing both grass (fluthiamide, 0.544 lb ai) and broadleaf (metribuzin, 0.136 ls ai) components, which controls mainly annual grass species and some small-seeded broadleaves. Axiom may be applied preplant (up to 45 days before planting corn or 14 days before planting soybeans), preplant incorporated (up to 14 days prior to planting), and preemergence (before weed or crop emergence). Corn and soybean should be planted a minimum of 1 to 1.5 inches deep. Axiom rates for use in corn are based on soil texture and organic-matter content, as well as application timing, and range from 13 to 23 ounces per acre. Use rates for soybeans range from 7 to 13 ounces. According to the label, the 13-ounce rate will provide full-season control of certain annual grasses and broadleaves in coarse-textured soils but will provide only early season control in medium- and fine-textured soils. Rates less than 13 ounces will provide only early season weed control on all soil textures. Numerous tank-mix partners are labeled for application with Axiom in corn and soybean systems.

Aaron Hager ( edu) and Marshal McGlamery (, Department of Crop Sciences, (217)333-4424