University of Illinois

No. 2/April 3, 1998

Pherocon AM Traps for Western Corn Rootworms: How Can I Order Them?

We've had a number of calls from individuals who want to order Pherocon AM traps to use in soybean fields this summer for monitoring western corn rootworm adults. In later editions of this Bulletin, we will offer much more detail regarding how to deploy these traps and will describe what economic thresholds should be used. For now, if you're interested, we offer the following two addresses. Also, there are likely many other sources available for these traps. We encourage you to do some comparison shopping.

IPM Great Lakes,
10220 Church Road, NE,
Vestaburg, Michigan 48891

100 Countryside Drive,
PO Box 270, Belleville,
Wisconsin 53508

Mike Gray (, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652