University of Illinois

No. 1/March 19, 1998

Black Cutworm Monitoring Program Ends
at University of Illinois

The annual black cutworm monitoring program will not be coordinated from ouroffice this season. Like many other previous entomological surveys for insectpests such as grasshoppers, corn rootworm beetles, European corn borers, andHessian flies, the black cutworm migration program has come to an end afternearly 20 years. If you would like to purchase pheromone traps, they may beobtained from a variety of pest management supply houses (for example,Gempler's, Great Lakes IPM). When this program was initiated at the Universityof Illinois, the use of pheromone traps for predictive pest managementpurposes was still relatively new for black cutworms. Today, growers,consultants, and many others in the private sector are in a position to assessthe value of these traps to their own needs, as well as to their customers'requirements, and make decisions relative to the purchase of these traps on anindividual basis. If you elect to use black cutworm pheromone traps thisspring, we would be glad to report your captures of black cutworm moths in ourBulletin throughout the spring. So let us know what your trap countslook like. Many of our IPM and crop systems educators have volunteered tomonitor this spring's flight of black cutworm moths. These captures also willbe reported in our Bulletin.
Mike Gray( and Kevin Steffey (, ExtensionEntomology, (217)333-6652