University of Illinois

No. 14/June 25, 1998

Insecticides for Control of Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

In issue no. 12 (June 12, 1998) of this Bulletin, I offered a table of insecticides suggested for control of potato leafhoppers in alfalfa. However, I failed to list Warrior as an option. Warrior, a product manufactured by Zeneca Ag Products, received registration for use in alfalfa fields recently, so we can add it as an option for leafhopper control. Results in our trials in the recent past indicate that Warrior is effective for control of leafhoppers in alfalfa. Both Warrior 1EC and Warrior T should be applied at 1.92 to 3.2 oz per acre. Both formulations of Warrior are restricted-use insecticides that can be applied only by certified applicators. Please follow all label directions and precautions.

Kevin Steffey (, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652