University of Illinois

No. 10/May 29, 1998

Certified Crop Advisors & Agrichemical Dealers: Strengthening IPM

A few weeks ago in this Bulletin, I listed the names of individuals who belong to the Professional Crop Consultants of Illinois (issue no. 8, May 15). The purpose of the article was to encourage an even greater adoption of IPM on the state's corn and soybean acres. One step toward increasing greater adoption of IPM is acknowledging that many producers do not adequately monitor their fields for pest injury nor do they hire professional consultants often enough.

Many agrichemical dealerships and other organizations throughout the state of Illinois hire crop advisors who have passed state and national examinations certifying their expertise as professional agronomists. Increasingly, many dealerships in Illinois have added a scouting and troubleshooting component to their full line of services. Incentives and professional rewards based upon an employee's overall pest management skills, agronomic knowledge, and scouting services offered to clientele--and not just based upon volume of chemical sales--will strengthen the credibility of everyone involved in agriculture. Many dealerships in Illinois have taken steps in the right direction by becoming brokers of pest management and agronomic information as a key part of their overall operations.

Mike Gray (, Extension Entomologist, (217)333-6652