University of Illinois

No. 6/May 2, 1997

Soybean IPM Publications Available

Two new books in the National Soybean Research Laboratory publication series, Guidelines for the Integrated Management of Soybean Pests and Major World Soybean Diseases, Weeds, and Insect Pests: A Pictorial Atlas, are now available. The 48-page Guidelines, written by James Sinclair and Marshal McGlamery of the University of Illinois and Marcos Kogan of Oregon State University, provides detailed information on integrated pest management (IPM) for the major pests of soybeans worldwide. It also presents background information on both applied and theoretical approaches to IPM systems for insects, diseases, and weeds. The text includes more than 130 high-quality color illustrations.

The 24-page Atlas, written by Marcos Kogan, Michael Irwin, James Sinclair, and Fred Slife, features more than 130 color illustrations, many of which provide an approximation of the shape and color of the major insect species that affect soybeans. A number of plates are enlarged to show details. Accompanying silhouettes are drawn to scale and indicate natural size. A table of contents lists the common names of the different illustrated pests for easy reference.

Both publications are suitable for use by producers and anyone else involved in managing pests in soybeans. Single copies of the two books are available free of charge (including no cost for shipping), upon request to Publication Sales, OAF, UIUC, 69 Mumford Hall, 1301 West Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801. Call (217)333-2007 for information about the cost for multiple copies.

I have scanned both publications, and I think the color illustrations alone are worth the price (free!). Although the publications are worldwide in scope, much of the information relates directly to soybeans in the Midwest, so growers and other pest managers in Illinois could find them useful. Both publications would be nice additions to your bookshelf of references related to pest management.

Kevin Steffey, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652