University of Illinois

No. 5/April 25, 1997

Black Cutworm Migration Report

Black cutworm moths continue to be caught throughout much of Illinois. Intense captures of moths (nine or more moths caught per trap during a 1- to 2-day period) were reported from April 12 to 18 in the following counties, with projected cutting dates in parentheses: Alexander (May 6), Clark (May 16), Franklin (May 13), Hancock (May 17), Macon (May 18), Monroe (May 9), Randolph (May 6), and Vermilion (May 20). These projected cutting dates are for the most recent intense captures. Recall that in earlier issues of this Bulletin, we indicated that cutting could become evident in southern counties as early as the last week of April. We have had sporadic intense flights for about 1 month for several areas south of Interstate 70. Bottom line--growers should check fields for black cutworm leaf feeding; don't wait for cutting to begin before you start to give this insect some respect. Also, please refer to last week's Bulletin (issue no. 4, April 18) for more management details.

Mike Gray, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652