University of Illinois

No. 3/April 11, 1997

Lightning Cleared for Application in IMI Corn

Lightning 70WG, a premix of Pursuit (imazethapyr) and Contain (imazapyr), recently received a label for postemergence applications in IR- or IT-corn hybrids. Applications of 1.28 ounces (2 acres per water-soluble package) of Lightning may be made from corn spike to prior to weeds' exceeding 3 to 4 inches in height. Lightning requires the addition of a nonionic surfactant or crop-oil concentrate (petroleum- or vegetable-based) and an NH4 fertilizer. Lightning may be tank-mixed with 2,4-D, Banvel, Clarity, or Buctril to broaden the spectrum of broadleaf control. Do not use crop-oil concentrate when Buctril is tank-mixed with Lightning.

Aaron Hager and Marshal McGlamery, Department of Crop Sciences, (217)333-4424