University of Illinois

No. 3/April 10, 1997

In This Issue

Black Cutworm Migration Continues to Blanket Illinois
Infection of European Corn Borers by Disease
Discovering White Grubs During Spring Tillage Operations
Calibration of Planters for the Delivery of Soil Insecticides
24(c) Label for Zinc Phosphide Pellets in No-Till or Reduced Tillage Corn
Update on Alfalfa Weevils
Cold Temperatures on Wheat
Cold Temperatures and Corn
Weed Resistance to Herbicides--A Growing Concern
Principles of Soil-Applied Herbicides
Lightning Cleared for Application in IMI Corn
Wild Garlic Control in Winter Wheat
Spring Seeding of Alfalfa
Soilborne Mosaic of Wheat
Karnal Bunt Update