University of Illinois

No. 25/December 5, 1997

New Publication About Bt-Corn and European Corn Borers

ACES Information Technology and Communication Services recently received a new publication, Bt-Corn and European Corn Borer: Long-Term Success Through Resistance Management. Editors are K.R. Ostlie (U. Minnesota), W.D. Hutchison (U. Minnesota), and R.L. Hellmich (USDA­ARS, Ames, Iowa); many entomologists the north-central states (including K. Steffey and M. Gray) and eastern states were contributors. Publication NCR 602 is the result of a cooperative effort among research and extension entomologists of the North Central Regional Research Project NC-205.

This well-designed and informative publication offers an objective overview of management of European corn borers and the use of Bt-corn. It addresses both basics about Bt and Bt-corn and issues associated with the use of Bt-corn: efficacy of Bt-corn against corn borers and other insects; economics of using Bt-corn; potential for corn borers to develop resistance to Bt; resistance management tactics; and strategies for using Bt-corn.

To order, contact ACES/ITCS Product Sales and Distribution, 1401 Maryland, Urbana, IL 61801; (800)345-6087 or (217)3332007. The price is $3.50.

Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652