University of Illinois

No. 1/March 21, 1997

Another New Look for the Bulletin

Welcome to the first issue of the 1997 Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin. We trust you had a safe and educational winter and are as eager as we are for the weather to improve and the planting to begin. As usual, we look forward to serving you with the most up-to-date and objective information about managing pests and crops in Illinois. And this year we'll try to make the information more timely and useful than ever. Improvements in design and ava ilability should enable you to get to the most important information quickly and easily. As the season progresses, we'll rely upon your feedback to strengthen our connection with you.

I probably don't need to call your attention to it, but our masth ead looks different, doesn't it? It's sharp and crafty and on the side! Krista Sunderland, a designer who works with Information Services at the University of Illinois, deserves all of the credit. I think she did a great job; I hope you agree.

Even better, we've developed a device to help you scan the Bulletin quickly for the information that is most important to you. We will use a "starburst" to direct your attention to the hottest issues in pest management and crop development during any gi ven week of the season. With these starbursts, we'll focus your attention on the pest outbreaks that are most threatening and require immediate attention, the pesticide application problems that might have arisen, the most critical crop development inform ation if the weather turns against us. In two- to three-sentence synopses, we'll summarize these issues on the front page so you can see, in a glance, the most critical developments for the week as you rush to your truck to brave the elements. Details abo ut the topics will be included in more thorough articles on the inside pages of the Bulletin. This change came about as a result of input from some of our readers, so don't assume your suggestions are taken lightly. Our primary objective is to give you the information you want and need as quickly as you need it.

In another article in this issue of the Bulletin, you'll learn how and where to find us on the Web. The computer age is rocketing forward, and we want to do our best to keep up . If you want the Bulletin quicker than conventional mail can deliver in your area, the website may be for you. Give us a look.

We hope you have a great growing season this year; we're overdue. We are here to help, and we look forward to work ing with you throughout 1997.

Kevin Steffey, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652