University of Illinois

No. 13/June 20, 1997

Pesticide Safety Education Program Information

The 19961997 annual report on Illinois's Pesticide Safety Education Programs is now available. The 20-page document highlights program goals and mission, program structure, benefits of our program, and major accomplishments, including educational material development, pesticidecontainer recycling, commercial PAT programs, private PAT programs, Worker Protection Standard (WPS), homeowner programs, drift-education activities, operation-safe fly-in workshops, and many other programs. The report demonstrates the depth and breadth of Illinois's safety education programs. Although commercial and private PAT is our first mission, we also provide quality pesticide education to a diverse audience in other pesticide-related areas. Please contact Patty Bingaman, (800)244-2363, for a copy of the annual report; or view it on our home page.
The Pesticide Safety Education home page is available at

This site contains the latest issues of our Illinois Pesticide Review newsletter, the annual report just mentioned, fact sheets, links to other resources, and our Pesticide Applicator Training schedules. Please note that the dates in the training schedules currently shown are all past. We left them on the page because there is useful information provided besides the training dates, such as licensing requirements and specifications. The training schedules for the 19971998 commercial and private pesticide applicator training programs will be available this fall.

Rhonda J. Ferree, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, (217)244-4397