University of Illinois

No. 13/June 20, 1997

WorldWide Web Addresses for IPM, Environmental, and Pesticide-Related Issues

In 1996, the Consumers Union, Yonkers, New York, published a lengthy report entitled Pest Management at the Crossroads authored by Charles M. Benbrook and others. The Consumers Union is a nonprofit membership organization chartered in 1936 "to provide consumers with information, education and counsel about goods, services, health, and personal finances; and to initiate and cooperate with individual and group efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of life for consumers." A review of this report provided some very interesting reading about a wide variety of issues affecting those of us working within the pest management arena.
Provided is a list of WorldWide Web addresses for several home pages that concentrate on topics related to IPM, environmental issues, and pesticides. These web addresses were gleaned from the report and represent only a small fraction of those presented by Charles Benbrook and his coauthors. For our readers who access the web site of this Bulletin, we thought you might like to visit these homepages.

Home page titles and WWW addresses

Interactive Identification of Adult Insects:

Biological Control Virtual Information Center:

Environmental Working Group, Water Quality:

The Extension Toxicology Network, EXTOXNET:

Pesticide Action Network North America, PANNA:

The Pesticide Properties Database (PPD):

Environmental Working Group, Pesticides:

Biocontrol and IPM, Related Patents:

Information Systems for Biotechnology:

National IPM Network National Server:

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