University of Illinois

No. 12/June 13, 1997

Late Atrazine Applications

Many herbicides containing atrazine carry a label warning regarding recropping if applied after June 10. Corn or grain sorghum should be planted the following year and not soybeans. Soil-applied herbicides with the late-atrazine label warnings are Bicep, Bullet, Fultime, Guardsman, Lariat, and Surpass 100, while the Harness Extra label does not carry this warning. Postemergence herbicide labels with atrazine warnings are Marksman, Extrazine II, and Basis Gold (uses July 1), while those without atrazine warnings include Buctril or Moxy + Atrazine, Laddok S-12, and Shotgun.

Aaron Hager, and Marshal McGlamery, Department of Crop Sciences, (217)333-4424