University of Illinois

No. 10/May 30, 1997

European Corn Borer Moths Are Emerging

Rick Weinzierl, Extension entomologist in the Department of Crop Sciences, confirmed the emergence of European corn borer moths in central Illinois. A "trickle" of moths were captured in a light trap near Urbana during the Memorial Day weekend. Although the numbers captured in traps in both southern and central Illinois are not significant right now, the captures indicate that the flight of moths that will lay eggs for the first generation has begun.

We have some indication that a large percentage of some populations of overwintering corn borer larvae were infected with Nosema pyrausta (see issue No. 3 of this Bulletin, April 11, 1997). In addition, the weather right now is not conducive for moth flights and egg laying. If the weather remains cool and rainy, the first generation of corn borers may get off to a puny start this spring. As the season progresses and we receive scouting reports and moth-capture data from around the state, we will keep you informed.

Kevin Steffey, Extension Entomology, (217)333-6652