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No. 24/November 06, 2003

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Mike Gray Resumes Role as Extension Specialist in Entomology
Mike Gray has resumed his responsibilities in the Department of Crop Sciences after a brief assignment as an Extension administrator.

Make Plans to Attend the 2004 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference
Robert Easter and Charles Hartke will open the 2004 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference on January 7, 2004. Keynote presentations, symposia with question-and-answer followup, and specialized sessions will round out the remainder of the two-day event. A registration form is included.

Monsanto Receives U.S. EPA Approval for YieldGard Plus Corn
Illinois Extension entomologists recommend one of the two refuge options described by Monsanto for its newly approved YieldGard Plus corn hybrids. The December Bulletin will present results of the annual fall European corn borer survey. The 2004 option for producers to plant hybrids offering corn rootworm and European corn borer protection will raise questions about the costs, benefits, risks, and validity of this level of protection.

Plenty of Interest in (and Questions About) Insecticidal Seed Treatments
The performance of Cruiser and Poncho, the two primary insecticidal seed treatments, is discussed along with their fit in insect management programs. Are they effective against the insects listed on their labels?

Soybean Yield Reports Coming In
Responses to the soybean aphid reporting form published in the October Bulletin are presented. Please continue to submit yield data.

Illinois Soybean Diseases in 2003
Why were soybean yields so low in many Illinois fields in 2003, and how much did disease reduce yields? Answers to these questions are discussed.

Weeds to Watch
For the most effective prevention of future problems, identify new weeds when they first enter a new field. A new full-color publication illustrates 16 weed species that pose new threats to Illinois corn and soybean fields.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.

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