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No. 20/August 11, 2003

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Fall Armyworms in Southern Illinois
Fall armyworms are making themselves known in many late-planted cornfields in southern Illinois, but injury is predominantly cosmetic and rarely economic. Details on pest identification and life cycle plus cautions regarding effectiveness of insecticide treatment are provided.

Areas Infested with Soybean Aphids Expanding
The problem area for soybean aphids is expanding beyond northeastern Illinois to central and southern areas. Densities can increase up to 10-fold in one week. Keep in mind recommendations for insecticide applications when scouting.

Defoliators Abundant in Many Soybean Fields
Defoliation during the critical time of pod fill can reduce soybean yields. Guidelines and tools for scouting and then estimating percentages of defoliation are provided. Should an insecticide application be warranted, identify the insect causing the injury to determine the product and rate to be used.

Sudden Death Syndrome and Septoria Brown Spot in Illinois Soybean Fields
Sudden death syndrome is appearing in central Illinois soybean fields, and septoria brown spot is also present in many locations. Conditions for development, symptoms, and management recommendations are presented for both diseases.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.

Problems with Soybean Aphids South of I-80
Heavy infestations of soybean aphids are now being reported in counties south of I-80. Monitoring should begin immediately in affected counties. Information is provided on economic thresholds, suggested insecticides and effectiveness, and application choices.

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