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No. 19/July 31, 2003

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Mike Gray Begins New Appointment as Assistant Dean for University of Illinois Extension Program Coordination
Mike Gray reflects on his 16 summers of involvement with the Bulletin and the variety of pest challenges that have arisen, sometimes unexpectedly, to confront crop producers.

Quick Insect Update for This Week
Many reports of significant corn rootworm larval damage have been received, especially from northern Illinois. Reports of very high densities of soybean aphids also continue to be submitted. There is little news to report on the European corn borer or the Japanese beetle.

New Western Corn Rootworm Fact Sheet "Under Construction"
The fact sheet on the variant western corn rootworm on the IPM Web site is being updated to be more relevant for people in more northern and western counties. Please submit any useful information, especially from areas where the variant has become a problem recently.

Update on Root Rot and Top Dieback of Soybeans
Heavy rains in early July enhanced infection of soybean plants by a complex of different pathogens in the warm soils.

Wheat 2003: Europe Comes to Illinois
Yields that can be difficult to achieve even in the planet's best wheat climate have been reported in Illinois this year. The reasons for the unusually high yields are outlined, along with caution against assuming that "intensive" management is among them.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.

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