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No. 15/July 02, 2003

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A Shot Heard 'Round the Industry
The U.S. EPA took enforcement action in June against five Colorado growers for violations of the FIFRA Worker Protection Standard. U of I Extension continues to help Illinois producers and commercial applicators understand and comply with the WPS. A draft national WPS reassessment report is expected in mid-July, with a draft proposal for regulation changes planned for September 2004.

Western Corn Rootworm Adults Have Emerged
Additional reports have been received of corn rootworm larvae feeding on corn roots. During flowering of corn plants, western and northern corn rootworm adults will begin feeding on silk tissue and pollen. We will provide management tips to prevent excessive silk clipping and potential yield loss.

Soybean Aphids--Increased Densities in Northern Illinois Compared with Previous Two Years
Observations in northern Illinois suggest the need for vigilance regarding soybean aphids for the rest of the reason. If aphid numbers begin to increase rapidly in your area, let us know so we can pass the information along. Natural enemies and weather may take their toll as the season develops.

Looking Ahead for Corn Leaf Aphids
As we proceed through July, the potential exists for corn leaf aphids to interfere with pollination. Details are provided here on life cycle, plant damage, monitoring, and treatment.

Novel (Amusing) Insect Sampling Technique Reported in Britain
Bird enthusiasts in Britain are organizing an insect survey for next summer with the help of up to 200,000 volunteers who will mount flypaper on their windshields.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.

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