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No. 13/June 19, 2003

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Small Grains Twilight Field Day, June 24
Growing and marketing small grains will be the focus of the Small Grains Twilight Field Day in Shabonna on June 24.

Crop Session to Focus on Field Insect Management
The workshop "Managing the Insects of Summer" will be held on July 11 in Shabbona.

Quality Hay Contest at 2003 Illinois Forage Expo
The free Illinois Forage Expo, to include a quality hay contest, will be held July 1 at Macomb.

Numbers of Soybean Aphids Increasing
Reports of increasing soybean aphid numbers are coming in from northern Illinois. Soybean producers in the northern half of the state should begin scouting now. Record what you find in individual fields so you can compare densities from one week to the next.

European Corn Borer Larvae Present
Reports indicate that European corn borer hatch is under way. Both drought and excess moisture affect early larvae survival. As moth flights continue, it's important to scout for larvae, especially if corn is less than 15 to 18 inches tall.

Watch for Increases in Densities of Potato Leafhoppers
As wet weather subsides and more typical hot, dry weather prevails, densities of potato leafhoppers could increase quickly. A table is provided showing dynamic economic thresholds based on crop value, control costs, and leafhopper densities.

Survey of Stem-Boring Insects in Weeds
Last year, herbicides sometimes failed to work because stem-boring insects apparently reduced translocation of the herbicide in the plants. A survey is being done to determine the distribution and occurrence of such insect-weed interactions in Illinois.

Checklist for Postemergence Herbicide Applications in Soybeans
Regarding postemergence herbicide applications in soybeans, it is always important to clean application equipment, apply the appropriate rate, and select the proper additive.

Weeds in Wheat at Harvest
Only a few herbicides are cleared as harvest aids for wheat; guidelines are described for 2,4-D formulations, glyphosate, and Clarity.

Herbicides for Postemergence Use in Sorghum
Delayed planting has prompted some southern Illinois producers to switch from corn or soybean to sorghum. Herbicides that can be used for postemergence weed control in sorghum are listed, along with general guidelines.

Late Planting and Crop Watching 2003
Observations on crop development address late planting, delayed growing degree-day accumulations, soybean growth, and scab problems in wheat.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.

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