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No. 12/June 12, 2003

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Discoveries of White Grub and Grape Colaspis Woes Continue
We've received reports of damaged cornfields, caused by white grubs in one case and grape colaspis in the other. It's not yet clear what effect the early-season setbacks in growth may have on plant yields.

Where Are the Corn Borers?
All producers should be scouting for European corn borers by now. Please send scouting reports so we can assess the situation across Illinois and share information throughout the state.

Illinois Insect Monitoring Network
A monitoring network for insect pests in Illinois is under way. Although the website currently is only partially navigable, counts collected this spring for black cutworm are being added. Next volunteers will be monitoring flights of European corn borers and corn earworms. If you are monitoring a pheromone or light trap, we'd like to add you to our contacts.

EPA Approves Poncho Insecticide
Poncho-treated corn seed will be available on many hybrids that can be purchased by corn growers in 2004. Poncho 250 is labeled to protect corn from early-season injury caused by cutworms, flea beetles, seedcorn maggot, white grubs, wireworms, and a few other pests that usually are not relevant in Illinois. Poncho 1250 is labeled to protect corn from the same pests, as well as billbugs and corn rootworms.

Aphanomyces Root Rot of Alfalfa Occurring in Illinois Fields
Wet weather has favored development of Aphanomyces root rot, the cause of significant damage to some alfalfa seeded this spring. Diagnosis can be challenging in the field; management strategies are planting resistant varieties and avoiding slowly drained fields.

Seed and Seedling Diseases of Soybean Caused by Phytophthora and Pythium in Illinois
Recent wet and cool weather may have set the stage for widespread damage of soybean caused by Phytophthora and Pythium in Illinois, where soil conditions are close to ideal for the pathogens. Management strategies are discussed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, west-central, and southern Illinois.

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