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No. 06/May 01, 2003

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Be on the Lookout for Black Cutworm Larvae
Western and southern parts of Illinois continue to be the hot spots for black cutworm moths. Projected cutting dates are provided for locations reporting intense captures, along with insecticides labeled for use as rescue treatments.

More Corn Flea Beetles
Reports of corn flea beetle activity continue to filter in. Keep scouting fields.

Bean Leaf Beetles Are Numerous
Early-planted soybeans are very attractive to bean leaf beetles that already have emerged from their winter dormancy. The insect's life cycle, ability to cause injury to soybeans, and potential to transmit bean pod mottle virus are reviewed.

Aphids in Wheat
Aphid numbers seem to be increasing in some wheat fields. Economically important outbreaks of aphids are uncommon in wheat in Illinois, but noting their presence and potential buildup is important. But it's also important to diagnose the problem in wheat before making a decision to control aphids.

Alfalfa Weevil Update
Mixed reports continue regarding alfalfa weevil activity. Actual and projected degree-day accumulations are provided, along with tables showing economic thresholds and recommended insecticides.

Planting Season Is Topdressing Time
Despite the busyness of planting season, attention to managing stored grain insects in corn that will be stored into early summer is critical. Management techniques are detailed here.

Corn Seed and Seedling Diseases and Fungicide Seed Treatments
This review includes the effects of seed and seedling diseases on corn, symptoms to look for, the pathogens that affect corn seeds and seedlings and the conditions that favor them, and what treatments are available.

Weeds to Watch for in 2003
Survey results reveal changes in the weeds reported by growers and others to be most prevalent in corn and soybeans in Illinois.

Soybean Planting Considerations
Multiple considerations relevant to soybean planting are detailed, including planting dates, planting depths, row spacing, and seeding rates.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.

2003 Agronomy Field Days
Dates and locations of field days for 2003 are provided.

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