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No. 02/April 03, 2003

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Other States' Newsletters
Every state in the U.S. north-central region produces a newsletter on pest management and crop development and conditions. They are viewable on the Internet at

Field Crop Scouting Manual on Sale
The CD-ROM version of the Field Crop Scouting Manual, a recommended resource for all scouts, is on sale for $10, or free with a purchase of the printed manual ($40). Call (800)345-6087 or see to order.

An Information Network for Corn Earworm and European Corn Borer Counts
Anyone who will be operating a corn earworm pheromone trap or a light trap or a pheromone trap for European corn borer is asked to contribute regular trap counts to an information database. Contact Kelly Cook at (217)333-6651 or

"New Products for Insect Control" in issue no. 1 of the Bulletin contained several errors. Correct information is provided here.

White Grubs in Corn
White grubs--most likely Japanese beetle grubs--have caused damage in some areas of Illinois in recent years. This article outlines life cycles of Japanese beetle and other white grubs, the injury caused, anticipating white grub problems, related research upcoming in 2003, and insecticides for control of white grubs.

Bean Leaf Beetles: Will They Pose a Threat in 2003?
Researchers are working to shed more light on bean leaf beetles and their ability to transmit bean pod mottle virus. A recommended article on the relationship between winter temperatures and survival of the pest is available at

Scouting for Alfalfa Weevils
Maps showing actual (Jan 1-Mar 30)and projected (Jan 1-Apr 13) degree-day accumulations across the state offer guidance regarding timely scouting for alfalfa weevils. Scouting tips are also provided.

Soybean Rust and Illinois Field Crop Diseases in 2003
Predicting which plant diseases will take their toll on field crop yields in any given year is a guessing game. Soybean rust is a new and unknown plant disease, as yet undiscovered in the continental U.S. Its development and the injury it causes are described, along with expected management responses should the disease come to Illinois. Photographs and more details are available at several Web sites.

Weather Concerns That Could Affect Weed Management Decisions in 2003
Reflecting on the challenges posed by weather in 2002 can give some insight into the problems that may arise in 2003. Weather conditions for last year's growing season are reviewed, and accompanying tables list the rotational restrictions for most corn and soybean herbicides.

Herbicide Premixes for Corn and Soybean
Tables list many of the corn-herbicide and soybean-herbicide premixes used in Illinois, including trade names and their formulations as well as common names of the herbicide components. Knowing common names is beneficial because trade names can disappear, then reappear on products with completely different formulations.

Too Early to Plant Corn?
Soil conditions in much of eastern Illinois make planting corn early a tempting proposition. Should producers succumb? A number of observations regarding relevant factors provide guidance.

Regional Reports
The regions from which periodic reports appear in the Bulletin are defined, and the first report is presented for northern Illinois.

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