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No. 24/November 01, 2002

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North Central Weed Science Society to Meet in St. Louis
The 57th meeting of the NCWSS will occur on December 2 to 5 in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The program is rich in papers and posters with the latest in weed management information. Three symposia for which CCA credits have been requested are planned.

The 2002 Survey for Second-Generation European Corn Borers in Illinois Is Complete
Last month extension entomologists and extension educators were in the midst of sampling cornfields in all crop-reporting districts in the state for second-generation European corn borers. We have completed our task, analyzed the data, and tabulated our results for your reference. We sampled 10 fields in each of 40 counties in 2002.

Western Corn Rootworms: The Variant Continues Its Spread
The variant western corn rootworm continued its expansion in Illinois during the summers of 2001 and 2002. Surveys conducted in late July and early August each year confirmed the presence of western corn rootworm adults in soybean fields in 59 counties of the state.

In addition to the sweep-net surveys of soybean fields, an on-farm root-injury evaluation of first-year cornfields (following soybeans) was coordinated in August 2002. This article presents some of the results of that survey.

Baythroid 2 Registered for Use on Corn and Soybeans
Baythroid 2, a pyrethroid insecticide (active ingredient cyfluthrin), has been registered for use against insect pests of alfalfa and sorghum since 1997. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved the use of Baythroid 2 against insect pests of corn and soybeans. This article provides an abridged list of insect pests for which Baythroid 2 is labeled, with recommended rates of application.

Cruiser Seed Treatment Receives Approval for Use
Cruiser (active ingredient thiamethoxam), a seed treatment that has been under development by Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., recently received approval from the EPA for use on corn. This nicotinoid insecticide, which is related to imidacloprid (active ingredient of Gaucho and Prescribe), is registered for use on field, pop, seed, and sweet corn.

Regional Reports
Extension Center educators, Unit educators, and Unit assistants in northern, west-central, east-central, and southern Illinois prepare regional reports to provide more localized insight into pest situations and crop conditions in Illinois. The reports will keep you up to date on situations in field and forage crops as they develop throughout the season.

This week's issue includes a report from northern Illinois.

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