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No. 25/December 07, 2001

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Last Issue for 2001
From a pest management standpoint, 2001 cannot be characterized as "normal." Insect outbreaks of "Biblical proportions," resistant weed species, new ways to assess soybean cyst nematode populations, invasive pest species, and increasing interest in new technologies for pest control all were harbingers of what lies ahead for pest managers in this century.

As always, we hope you will rely on articles in the Bulletin to help you prepare for and manage pest problems in ways that are both economic and environmentally sound.

Reminder: 2002 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, January 8 and 9
This is a final reminder to register for the 2002 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference to be held at the Illini Union on the University of Illinois campus on January 8 and 9. For your convenience, a preregistration form is provided in this issue of the Bulletin.

Reminder: 2002 University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic Meetings
University of Illinois Extension and research specialists will conduct the University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic meetings for the fifth consecutive year in 2002. These classics have become entrenched over the past four years, and attendance continues to increase. The speakers address critical issues in both crop production and crop protection, and we allow plenty of time for questions and answers.

For your convenience, a preregistration form is provided in this issue of the Bulletin.

Preparing for Insect-Management Challenges in 2002
The insect "highlights" of 2001 included more problems with soil insect pests in corn (especially white grubs), a historic outbreak of armyworms, variegated cutworm problems in soybeans, corn rootworm control problems, unusual behavior of corn rootworm adults, infestations of twospotted spider mites and soybean aphids, continuing problems with southwestern corn borers in southern counties, and higher numbers of second-generation European corn borers in many areas of the state. It's a fair bet that some of these problems will reoccur in 2002.

New Insecticide Products for the 2002 Growing Season
Some recent registrations of insecticide products occurred after we had assembled our recommendations for insect management for 2002. This article contains information about these products for your consideration as you make plans for insect control next year.

The article includes information about Aztec 4.67G, Fortress 2.5G, and Mustang.

Regional Reports
Extension Center educators, Unit educators, and Unit assistants in northern, west-central, east-central, and southern Illinois prepare regional reports to provide more localized insight into pest situations and crop conditions in Illinois. The reports will keep you up to date on situations in field and forage crops as they develop throughout the season.

This week's issue includes a report from northern Illinois.

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