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No. 23/October 05, 2001

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Preliminary Results of the 2001 European Corn Borer Fall Survey
This article presents the preliminary results of the 2001 European corn borer fall survey. The results suggest that densities of the European corn borer surged ahead of 2000 levels in many counties. Ultimately, the level of diseases in overwintering larvae and environmental conditions during the first flight of moths next spring will be the key factors in regulating European corn borer populations in 2002.

Bt Corn for 2002?
We are still waiting for word from EPA about whether they will renew the registration period for Bt corn. We have just learned that the conditional registration of Bt cotton has been extended for 5 years, but still there is no word on Bt corn. We assume we will learn something soon. In the meantime, it might be helpful to understand the conditions associated with the renewed registration of Bt cotton. Many, if not all, of these same conditions probably will apply to Bt corn if a renewed registration is granted.

Recently Published Information About Bt Corn and Monarch Butterflies
Recently published scientific studies have revealed that Bt corn presents a low risk to monarch butterflies. These studies allay most, if not all, of the fears that have been associated with the potential negative impact of Bt corn pollen on monarch butterflies, at least for now.

Green Stem of Soybean
Reports and questions have come in recently concerning individual soybean plants that are staying green in fields of brown soybean plants. A likely explanation is that it is a problem called "green stem."

This article discusses the incidence of green stem and mentions possible causes for the disease.

Planting Wheat This Fall? Check Herbicide Rotational Intervals
The harvest has been progressing at a good pace so far this fall, and wheat planting will soon begin. We would remind producers to check herbicide labels for rotational intervals before planting wheat. Several herbicide labels have lengthy rotational intervals that will preclude planting wheat this fall. Rotational intervals from the 2001 Illinois Pest Management Handbook are included in the article.

Regional Reports
Extension Center educators, Unit educators, and Unit assistants in northern, west-central, east-central, and southern Illinois prepare regional reports to provide more localized insight into pest situations and crop conditions in Illinois. The reports will keep you up to date on situations in field and forage crops as they develop throughout the season.

This week's issue includes reports from northern and west-central Illinois.

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