No. 08/May 19, 2000
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Mark Your Calendars Now for the 2000 University of Illinois Agronomy Day--August 24

Report from the Field

An Update on Soil Heat-Unit Accumulations and the Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch

Bean Leaf Beetle Populations Reach Impressive Levels in Early-Planted Soybeans

So, Again with Grape Colaspis?

Stalk Borers Are Active

Billbugs May Cause Problems in Some Fields

Reports of Armyworms in Wheat and Corn

Bean Pod Mottle Virus: Hook, Line, and Sinker?

FMC Receives Label for Command Xtra

Post Now, Continue Scouting Later

Regional Reports

UPDATE: Corn and Early Growth Problems

UPDATE: Flexstar Carryover Symptoms on Corn