No. 01/March 17, 2000
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Welcome to the First 2000 Issue of the Bulletin

The Bulletin on the Web in 2000

What Can We Expect from Insect Pests Following Another Mild Winter?

Alfalfa Weevils Get an Early Start This Year

Status of Western Corn Rootworm Densities in Soybean Fields in 1999: Outlook for Larval Injury in Rotated Cornfields for 2000

Secondary Insect Pests in Corn: The Watch Begins

Anticipating Wireworm Problems This Spring

New Products for Control of Soil Insects in Corn: Buyer Beware

Standardized Resistance Management Recommendations for Bt Corn in 2000

1999 WPS Compliance Inspection Results

New Herbicides for 2000

Thanks, Mac

Corrections for the 2000 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook

Is Herbicide Carryover a Concern for 2000?

Planting Corn--How Early Is Too Early?