No. 18/July 23, 1999
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In-Depth Workshop on Field Crop Diseases

Watch for Twospotted Spider Mites in Soybeans

Don't Confuse Injury Caused by Potato Leafhoppers with Injury Caused by Twospotted Spider Mites

Problems with Japanese Beetles Continue

Bean Leaf Beetles--Another Pest to Watch for in Soybeans

Western Corn Rootworm Adults "Thick" in Many Fields

Corn Leaf Aphids: An Insect Pest to Respect in Dry Seasons

Southwestern Corn Borer Second Flight Well Under Way

Unimpressive Second Flight of European Corn Borer Reported Throughout Illinois

Section 24(c) Special Local Need Label for Tilt

Septoria Brown Spot

Stress in the Corn Crop