No. 04/April 16, 1999
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Dial into Our Crops Update

Calling All Scouts--Report Insect Counts Online by E-mail

Some People Are Wondering About the Use of Seed Treatments That Contain Insecticides

Refuges for Resistance Management: Bt Corn and European Corn Borers

Slow Down for Alfalfa Weevils

Let's Revisit the Alfalfa Blotch Leafminer

Update on Black Cutworm Moth Captures

Insecticide Performance for Black Cutworm Larvae

Wireworm Bait Stations: New Techniques for Consideration

Waterhemp Management in Corn and Soybeans

Supplemental Label for Quadris Fungicide on Wheat

Pending 24C for Tilt Fungicide on Wheat

Wheat Disease Update

Plant Clinic Opens May 3

Wheat Crop Developing Nicely

Early-Planted Corn

Soybean Herbicide Premixes: Corrections