Table 1. Soil-applied soybean herbicides: broadleaf efficacy ratings.

Control ratings: 9 = excellent, 8 = good, 7 = fair, 6 = poor,
5 or 4 = unsatisfactory, N = no control. Boldface indicates acceptable control.
a Control is much less on triazine-resistant biotypes of pigweeds, lambsquarters, and kochia.
b Control is much less on ALS-resistant biotypes of pigweeds/waterhemps and kochia.

For herbicide ratings for tank mixtures or premixtures, see the component parts:
Backdraft glyphosate Scepter/glyphosate
Boundary Dual Magnum Sencor
Broadstrike + Dual Dual Python
Broadstrike + Treflan Trifluralin Python
Domain flufenacet Sencor
Extreme glyphosate Pursuit/glyphosate
Pursuit Plus Prowl Pursuit
Squadron Prowl Scepter
Steel Prowl Pursuit + Scepter
Turbo Dual Sencor