Table 1. Corn "Post" Herbicides: Adjuvant Use plus Application
and Use Restrictions

COC = crop oil concentrate (POC or VOC), POC = petroleum oil concentrate, VOC = vegetable oil concentrate, NIS = nonionic surfactant, NH4= ammonium fertilizer adjuvant (UAN or AMS), UAN = urea-ammonium-nitrate (28-0-0), AMS = ammonium sulfate (spray grade 21-0-0), PHI = preharvest interval for grain harvest, if shorter for silage harvest.

aUse NIS only when Accent or Beacon is mixed with anything except atrazine. (Accent, Beacon)

bAllowed if arid or droughty conditions exist at application. (Banvel, Clarity, Extrazine, Marksman)

cUp to 24 inches if nearby soybeans are over 10 inches or are blooming. (BanvelApply by)

dCurrent label: "Rainfall soon after application may decrease the effectiveness." (Basagran, Laddok)

eAdjuvants allowed if injury is acceptable. (Buctril, Buctril + atrazine)

fUse of oils (penetrants) may cause injury "if corn is > 5 inches tall." (Clarity)

gUse only with IMI-designated corn hybrids. (Contour, Pursuit, Resolve, Lightning)

hUse only with Liberty Link or GR (glufosinate resistant)-designated corn hybrids. (Liberty, Liberty ATZ)

iUse only with SR- or PP-designated (sethoxydim-resistant) corn hybrids. (Poast Plus)

jCOC allowed only up to 12-inch corn. (NorthStar)

kUse only on Roundup Ready­designated corn hybrids. (Roundup Ultra)

lUse only as a spot treatment and not as an overall application in corn. (Roundup/Touchdown)