Table 2. Corn "post-grass" herbicides: Maximum grass sizes in inches.

RR = Grass sizes are those on low volume technology (LVT) label. Sizes are 4
to 6 inches on Roundup Ready label.

BYG = barnyardgrass, VCC = volunteer corn, CGR = crabgrass,
WCG = woolly cupgrass, GFT = giant foxtail, YFT = yellow foxtail, FLP = fall
panicum, SBR = field sandbur, SHC = shattercane, JGR = johnsongrass, WSM =
wirestem muhly, QGR = quackgrass.

­ = not listed on the herbicide label.

0 or * = Suppression/partial control/reduced competition!

a Requires glufosinate resistant (Liberty Link or GR) hybrids.

b Volunteer corn that is not resistant to the herbicide.

c Yellow foxtail prior to tillering.

d Sequential application of 28 fl oz Liberty provides control?

e Rate required for sandbur control.

f Second application of 24 to 36 fl oz needed for control.

36R = Rescue operations or rate for perennials.