Table 1. Mean percentages of plants cut and mean percentages of dead plants
22 days after manual infestation of black cutworm larvae, Urbana, Illinois, 1998.1

1 Barrier arenas were infested with one black cutworm larva (third or fourth instar) per plant on May 27.

2 All rates specified as lb (AIU)/acre, based on 30-inch row spacing.

3 Preplant treatments were applied on April 14 (29 days before planting) and on April 30 (13 days before planting); planting-time treatments were applied on May 12; SBX = applications were made with SmartBox, a closed handling and application system; preemergence treatments were applied on May 22; and rescue treatments were applied on May 27.

4 Means in a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different (P = 0.05).