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Soybean Aphid and Pest Resistance Programs Early Next Year

December 4, 2003

Two pest management programs that should be of great interest to many people in Illinois will be presented via Latitude Bridge in February and March 2004. "Soybean Aphids--What We Learned in 2003, and How We'll Manage These Pests in the Future" will be presented by entomologists from four states on February 5. Marlin Rice (Iowa State University), Ken Ostlie (University of Minnesota), Eileen Cullen (University of Wisconsin), and entomologists from the University of Illinois (David Voegtlin and Kevin Steffey) will deliver the program from their respective campuses to audiences throughout the four-state region. Information discussed during the program, which begins with registration at 8:30 a.m., will include soybean aphid biology and occurrence in North America; the soybean aphid situation in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin; research efforts in the four states; and thresholds and guidelines for making treatment decisions. The program will conclude at 3:00 p.m. CCA continuing education units have been applied for. For more information about the program, contact your local Extension office. Extension personnel in each state will make the arrangements to host the program in their respective areas.

Two pest resistance programs will be presented on March 5 and March 12. Kevin Steffey and Aaron Hager will discuss issues associated with insect resistance and weed resistance, respectively, on March 5. Dean Malvick and Terry Niblack will discuss issues associated with plant pathogen resistance and nematode resistance, respectively, on March 12. For more information, contact your local Extension office.

The Latitude Bridge enables presenters to deliver a program from a central location over the Internet to audiences at numerous locations. The programs will be hosted by county or regional extension offices that can project PowerPoint slides and receive audio input. The presenters control the slides and offer commentary as the slides are shown. Listeners will be able to interact with the presenters, asking questions and offering observations.

We will provide specifics about these programs in a future issue of the Bulletin. Announcements also will be released by extension offices that will host the programs, so keep your eye on the local press. We hope you can participate in one or both of the programs.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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