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Regional Reports

November 6, 2003
Northern Illinois

Rainfall throughout the region, over the weekend and Monday, has stopped most fieldwork. Jim Morrison, Rockford Extension Center, reported 3.5 inches of rainfall at Freeport since last Saturday.

Corn harvest throughout the northern region ranges from nearly complete in the south and parts of the central region to 60% complete in the Freeport/Rockford area. Generally corn yields have been very good, 170 to 200 bushels per acre, except for areas that were very dry.

Soybean yields were very disappointing, with yields commonly 25 to 35 bushels in the north and 30 to 40 bushels in the southern portion of the region.

Soybean cyst nematode soil screening clinics and a discussion of U of I insecticide evaluation trials, sponsored by U of I Extension, have been scheduled for November 21 in LaSalle County and November 24 in Bureau County. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the host Extension unit office for program locations and times.


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