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European Corn Borer Survey Under Way

October 3, 2003

As I write this article, our annual survey for second-generation European corn borers is under way in Illinois. Extension educators, graduate students, and entomologists will survey 50 counties in Illinois this year, selecting 10 fields at random in each county. We increased the number of counties to be sampled this year in an attempt to fill in some geographical gaps that have been noticeable in previous years' surveys.

Although I have received only a few reports thus far, the word on the street is that densities of second-generation European corn borers are much smaller this year than they were in 2002. In fact, I think most of us anticipated that. However, we won't know the full story until all preselected counties have been surveyed.

You can learn some details of the European corn borer survey on our IPM Web site. Toward the end of the article, you can click to go to the Web site where the database of European corn borer surveys from 1943 through 2002 resides. The 2003 data will be added to the database. We have plans to move the database from the Web site to the IPM Web site during the next year, and some significant changes to the presentation of the data will be made. Stay tuned.

We will report the results from the 2003 survey of second-generation European corn borers in some future issue of the Bulletin.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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