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Learning More About the Effects of Soybean Aphids on Soybean Yields

October 3, 2003

In an attempt to learn more about the impact of the soybean aphid on soybean yields in 2003, we are asking for your help. (Extension entomologists in other states are doing this also.) Soybean aphids were widespread across Illinois in 2003, and infestation levels were high in many areas. If you treated for soybean aphids and left an untreated area for yield comparisons, we are interested in your findings. We want to learn about numbers of aphids, insecticide application timing, number of insecticide applications, and soybean growth stages, among other variables. We hope to use the information to improve our treatment guidelines.

Please use this online form to submit your information for individual fields or trials. You may not be able to supply all of the information listed, but don't let that prevent you from filling in what you do know. Any information you can supply will be helpful! If we receive enough useful responses, we will summarize the information and publish it in a future issue of the Bulletin. Anonymity of individuals who submit information will be retained in any articles we write.

Please address any questions to us at (217)333-6652.--Kelly Cook and Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey Kelly Cook

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