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Regional Reports

August 7, 2003

Northern Illinois

Moderate temperatures continue throughout the region. Rainfall has been spotty the past 3 weeks, and many areas would welcome some precipitation.

Soybean aphid populations have increased this week. However, widespread insecticide treatment has not occurred. Aphid populations continue to be variable within a single field, and growers are encouraged to scout the entire field before deciding on an insecticide treatment.

Reports continue to be received of rootworm larvae damage in first-year corn even though some fields had an insecticide applied at planting. However, the root pruning from rootworm larvae is not as severe in the region as was experienced in 2002.

Southern Illinois

Rainfall amounts over the past weekend were quite variable, ranging from zero in some areas to 2 inches in others, along with hail damage. Cooler temperatures and rainfall will definitely increase the yield potential for late-planted crops.

The latest planted corn is approaching pollination. Reports of Japanese beetle silk feeding are winding down, but there are still reports of fall armyworm feeding damage to grain sorghum and late-planted corn. Scouting for second-generation European corn borer should also be done now.

Graziers who intend on stockpiling tall fescue for deferred grazing this winter will want to apply nitrogen fertilizer now in order to obtain maximum forage growth.


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