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University of Illinois Weed Science Web Site

July 10, 2003

Dissemination of weed management information can occur through a variety of formats, ranging from face-to-face meetings to contemporary electronic technologies. We are pleased to announce that the University of Illinois Weed Science Web site is now online. Our goal for this effort is to provide another format that clients can use to gather information on an assortment of weed management topics.

The weed science Web site is located at the following URL:

The home page contains links to some current topics and issues discussed by University of Illinois weed scientists. The buttons along the left side of the page take you to other areas of the site, such as weed identification, where you can find pictures and descriptions of more than 60 weed species. The "References" area provides links to newsletters and weed management recommendations from other states and pes-ticide manufacturers; turf, vegetable, and aquatic weed management guides; and so on. We list upcoming field days and meetings under "Events," descrip-tions of weed sciences courses under "Teaching," fact sheets and posters under "Extension," and on and on.

We hope this site will be useful in providing weed management information. Dawn Nordby, our newest Extension weed science specialist, is maintaining the site and welcomes any comments and suggestions you would care to offer.--Aaron Hager, Christy Sprague, and Dawn Nordby

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague Dawn Nordby

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