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Herbicides for Postemergence Use in Sorghum

June 19, 2003

Delayed planting caused by repetitive precipitation events (frequent rains) has prompted some producers in the southern region of Illinois to switch from corn or soybean to sorghum. Several herbicides can be used for postemergence weed control in sorghum. These products are listed in Table 3. Some additional points to consider include:

  1. Consult the respective product label for rate and spray additive information.
  2. All products or tank mixes containing atrazine must be applied before the crop exceeds 12 inches in height.
  3. Pay attention to crop rotation intervals, especially if using a postemergence herbicide with significant soil persistence.
  4. If you intend to feed or pasture treated grain sorghum, consult the product label for feeding, haying, or grazing restrictions.

--Aaron Hager and Christy Sprague

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague

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