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Where Are the Corn Borers?

June 12, 2003

Just a reminder--everyone should be scouting for European corn borers by now. Moth flights of European corn borers got into full swing in southern Illinois during May, with moths being captured in Massac, Pope, and Pulaski counties for slightly over a month ( European corn borer moths have been observed for more than a week in central Illinois, and moth flight should be under way in northern counties by now. John Shaw, entomologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, captured one male and one female European corn borer in his light trap in Champaign County on June 4. As the numbers of captures in light and pheromone traps increase, we can expect mating and then egg-laying to commence. If you are accumulating degree-days to determine the occurrence of corn borer larvae, refer to Table 1 in the article "Reports of European Corn Borers Begin" in last week's issue (no. 11, June 6, 2003) of the Bulletin. Also included in that article is information about scouting, thresholds, and control.

Kevin Black (Growmark, Bloomington) recently reported that FS specialists in southwestern Illinois (Madison, Randolph, and White counties) had been finding adults, egg masses, and first and second instars of European corn borers in some cornfields. The infestations were not very heavy, but their presence is worth noting.

If you are scouting your fields, please send us reports of what you encounter. These field reports help us understand what's happening across the state, and we can relay the findings to others in Illinois.--Kelly Cook and Kevin Steffey

Author: Kelly Cook Kevin Steffey

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